Drawstring Bags of all types + aprons & tabards
Bags-n-Aprons came into existence during the summer of 2010 when the owner who was retired decided he was bored, very bored with little or nothing to do all day.......  We have all said at some stage in our lives that it would be nice to have nothing to do, well the novelty soon wears off, the garden has been tided to within an inch of its life and all the decorating had been done!

So the owner started to look for something to keep him busy and after much searching decided on textiles, to be specific bags and aprons. Starting as many do with E Bay and Amazon he then decided a website was the thing to have, so the forerunner of this site was created, initial with a small selection of bags and aprons.

Bags-n-Aprons can now supply bags (drawstring bags) in cotton, jute, satin, calico and almost any other fabric, currant 'on stock' bags range from 6cm x 9cm to an enormous 60cm x 76cm. The business is able to produce bespoke bags for customers  in our in house manufacturing unit. Aprons and tabards are available, again in a wide choice of materials and sizes. We have recently introduced a range of 'easi wipe clean' aprons which are proving very popular.

Embroidery and Heat Transfer Printing can now be offered, again from our own 'in house' workshop.

Please feel free to contact us at any time should you require further information.