Drawstring Bags of all types + aprons & tabards

Drawstring Bags in Polycotton 6cm x 9cm Light Grey, matching fabric drawstring closure, 46 colours plus 9 sizes, FREE UK POSTAGE on orders over £5.00


Polycotton Drawstring Bags in a range of 46 vibrant colours plus 9 sizes to suit most purposes, all the bags have a matching fabric drawstring closure. The bags can be machine washed, please follow the washing instructions.

As well as the Polycotton Bags we can also offer,

  • Calico,
  • Satin,
  • Chinese Brocade,
  • Jute/Hessian,

We are pleased to quote for bags in other fabrics and sizes

The majority of our bags are made here in the United Kingdom.